7 Things I enjoyed in November

If you know me, you know I’m a summer baby. I seem to completely lose the plot in the colder seasons and this week has definitely demonstrated that! So in order to transform my negativity, this post is dedicating to things I enjoyed in November despite the cold & rain!

Cooking. Since moving out of home, I have struggled with cooking, I didn’t enjoy it and most nights it was pizza or chicken and chips for dinner. However, since becoming plant-based I have become more experimental. Over the last few weeks, it has very much become a passion and something I look forward to doing every day!

Movies. I have ALWAYS loved a good movie, in fact, it is hard to find one on Netflix, Now Tv or Prime that I haven’t already seen! But when the weather is this miserable, I have often found myself snuggled up, cuppa tea in hand, watching a film. My idea of a perfect afternoon! Current faves are- Same Kind of Different as Me and Holiday in the Wild.

Hot Winter Spiced Ribena. This seasonal squash is my new favourite drink.

Walks. I am OBSESSED with being outside and nothing relaxes me more than a walk with my puppo and family or friend. This month I have really enjoyed wrapping up and exploring. While I don’t like the season, the trees do look beautiful!

Getting out of my comfort zone. I have been going to job interviews and helping out friends and family in ways that make me super anxious. Usually, there is a high possibility I would bail but this month I have made a real effort to push myself out of my comfort zone. Really enjoying the feeling of accomplishment… it feels good!

Doing DIY. My mum challenged us to make a DIY present this year for Christmas. I haven’t been overly artistic in about 10 years so it has been super fun to get crafty again! Might do a post on what I have made next month.

Christmas songs. Starting to hear Christmas songs on the radio always warms my heart a little. I think Christmas is a super special time of year, being surrounded by my family with tasty food, naughty treats and lots of laughter, it is definitely something I enjoy.

I am definitely someone who gets affected by the weather, so when I have been having a miserable day like today, it’s nice to reflect on the things I enjoy and become thankful for what these colder months bring.

What’s been making you happy this month?

Thanks for reading,

Travels of Eden


  1. Hi Travels of Eden, awesome post! I am writing to let you know I have nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger award. Please visit my page for more information. Congrats!


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